“shadows are not a lie..
It’s just fady flies”..

If’s are always an unsure hope..

“If my dreams crumbled in the night mare..what my morning..would
serve me ;a bunch of nervousness..
                   A glass full of fear..
                   A marble plate of anxiety”

“If.. I don’t become famous..in the rushing chaos of people..what my future would serve me;
             The failure tag..
              The non-luxuries life..
              The depression..
               The death”

“If I have no to blissmy moments with..what would my loneliness serve me;
                The pain
                The solitary position
                The non alive moments..
                The hate”

Huh.. if’s have too much to understand beneath, let’s break it!!

Stable mindset /self belief/determination /passion.
Can’t even crack your dreams.

“Life is not about being great in others head or eye..
A person with all may seem famous to be adored..but a person with nothing..strives for his certain something is much more adorable”
it is about..
Memories /experiences
Lessons / knowledge..

Ohh!! Come on.. your alone that’s the greatest love you can pour into yourself.. giving too much getting back nil..is so exhausting..
Better stay alone..

In simple accept life..

It gives what is for you and takes away what’s not!!

Just breathe..!!



” I believe in my dreams”
And there is no expectations
But small dusky hope..

My hands stopped rolling on screen

So far my dream was waiting..

Nothing can make a move in the still Ness..of my clock..

It is moving, moving gradually when the air..called time….just knocks..

All above, the feeling..of being idol..
For the moment..

where the world seems to be busy……in their buzzing life..

And I am, with an eye full of Hope..
Trying to explore…..and get nothing back..

(:people.. Don’t expect people and success will fall for you if they are meant for you….

Really…. never knewed what is meant for..me.. whatever it would..be..I won’t accept it..

If my heart denies..the oxygen..
My body wants an walk out..from such atmosphere..

Because I believe in myself….and belief never holded expectations..

But like an normal human being..
The only thing I am lying on is



Cyber trauma


What is social Media? & How it works?

Answers/:” Influencing,informative,communicative,

It is useful & quick with information.
It has huge influence.
It has more to inspire off.
It has an way to connect with new people.

Okay let’s break the.. reality..with the actuality..

We are getting information..that’s very true..but of what others are happy or up-to-date with..with what’s trending, with what’s viral on social apps today…. which hashtags are in trend….if there is news..or memes..let’s debate our opinions..

Yes, I agree social media has a way to power justice to way it in front of law,it has the power to influence over the justice….but not with the influence in our mental health..

who are they?? to determine us by our numbers of likes, followers etc.

why we have an major impact of stress to click a perfect fake picture??

Oo #candid may be the actual picture..that become a part of pretending too..

Why we carry so much baggage of fakeness man!!..

People get a huge impact on their mental health that they commit suicides..just because they never had likes and followers and being bullied in the comments.. isn’t that so annoying about..

“One similar action has two different reactions”–Sandys secrets

Why we don’t understand that social media can never measure our level living or happiness..

Social media is amazing!!
But only when it comes to be real..
Having only 50 followers..or likes not more than 20 /30..or no comments..
doesn’t lowens your worth..

“Social media is no one to determine you”

“Don’t get affected..&.. Don’t generate a bad effect”.

Let people live their lives..in their way….. Don’t bully anyone.. you never gonna know a single small word..can hinder a whole good thing..

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Just imagine..!!

An open space..with furnished chair and tables.. with a dim light and with the blissy songs..with an beautiful interior structure..has much pace..for relax..

“There is high quality font of food..
Just like the desserted arrant of cold..
The way you grant me..is good..it’s like
Getting an aspirant satisfaction..breezer
Directly take out of the foggy freezer”

Restaurants has tiny little stories.. beneath the bite of food or dessert..

  • When someone actually enjoys food unbothered by everyone around.
  • People with loud laughs..and talks..
  • People having serious conversations.
  • People judging the food
  • Quiet date.
  • Silence fight with ordering some spice.

Okay, so let’s catch a story..

There at the corner table,bunch of people were having food of their choices, where a lady holding nerves nervous vibe smiles and order the same has that been ordered..(it was something like broccoli soup with noodles).. she didn’t liked the taste so he ordered something else for her and..)::

Guy:Do one thing you have this prawn and crab these are as spicy you are!!

Lady: Huh.. okay..( nervousness)

They finished their food everyone splitted bill..he pays for her too.

While the dessert was arriving..she gave up her nervousness and decided to tell him..and she gets up..and everyone gives her a awkward look..she sits down.. consoling herself just drop a message after getting home..her friend tickles her..

Guy: Excuse me.. everyone can get your attention please..(he gets her out holding her hand)

Guy:(kisses her forehead she started crying..) This is my lady..who have stayed in my thickess to my thinness.she thoughted I won’t love her.. because We are meeting after a year and my face sounds as Casanova..But the actual truth..I started loving..when i losed my mom I realised not to lose you..

Guy(picks up the dessert and goes in knees)

Lady: no no get up that’s enough get up..areey

Guy: I want you to be you forever..but with me..I missed you the moment I was happy..now will you be part of my each smile..????

Lady:: yes! Damn it get up now..

They hug, got well wishes..her mom calls..::))

Wake up it’s already 7:30 get off for your office! Get up!!

Relax..it’s just an imagination..but not yet the termination..

Happily jumps out of the bed..after his message..( *friends meet..at green village cafe*..at 1:00)

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“we all have time to waste..but not to spend..huhaan,we spend it by being in trend,clicking photos, playing addictive games..liking others..post by scrolling and rolling..into someone else’s life….Why we do so?

Why we lose..? , What we have! And blame opposite one for not spending time together or excusing we don’t have time for such things( useful stuffs)..note down..

Spending time doesn’t means just being together..it means to utilize the time for the right things..like improving ones skills.. practicing hobbies.. helping Mom in chores.. talking to Dad about how his day spended..or learning something at least..always )::

Check how your feeling.. your body has that sensing power..of the atmosphere.. you be in with.

Check your life..whom you have beside you and for what??

Check on your families..not on the gossips about and from the friends.they are the will always hear you..but only if you be nice with them.

Feeling depression see what you have around you..recall Happy moments..

These are the actual things to invest your time on..

“Time will feed you memories..if you serve your attention”..–Sandy secrets

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